Parents, especially new ones, like to take pictures with their babies in places they go. There are many amazing places to take a photograph with your baby, either it’s a few months old or a newborn. If you check, you can learn why newborn photography is so popular amongst parents. If you like canyons and don’t have time for the Grand Canyon, Madera Canyon and Sabino Canyon are wonderful areas to go to. You can go a little further afield to areas like Nogales and Patagonia, which are about an hour’s drive away. Below are more places to take pictures with your baby.


Tumacacori is a great place to take good pictures of the historical and spiritual surroundings. Mission San Xavier is another beautiful and unique destination that you can see to find some wonderful architectural photos. But interior designers beware: you are not allowed to photograph the interior. The facility draws a large crowd on Sundays for Catholic services. So, if you want to photograph this structure without the crowds, be sure to choose a Saturday.

Saguaro National Park

Saguaro National Park is another great place to get vibrant images. This park’s east and west sections are separated by an hour’s drive, especially during rush hour. You’ll need to visit the western section late in the day for the best light conditions. But you will see the largest saguaros from the eastern section of this recreation area.


Mount Lemmon

Mount Lemmon, along with the road leading to it, offers breathtaking views for photographers. The elevation is 9,000 feet, which means you should be prepared to climb if you want to find the best photos. The ridge trail along the road is also a wonderful place to take great photos of the sunsets and valleys below. If you’re headed north of Tucson, visit the Salt River Canyon. Here you can make an early morning visit to the desert museum to photograph animals in their natural environment.

However, you won’t find many creatures after sunrise, as many rarely come out due to the heat. Just like the animals, you’ll need to adapt to the heat when taking photos in Tucson. You’ll also need to drink plenty of water during your hikes. Since many of the points of interest are widely scattered, you’ll spend almost all of your time driving these long distances, so be prepared for the road trip as well. However, the scenery and photos are well worth it.